Generac MDE330, MDE570 Diesel Generators

Nov. 4, 2021

The Generac MDE330 and MDE570 diesel mobile generators are rental-ready machines that feature wide-opening removable doors for reaching all service points.

The steel design and construction allow for operation for a variety of applications regardless of weather conditions, the company says. The MDE330 has a 9.3L Perkins Tier 4-F-certified engine, while the MDE570 utilizes an 18.1L Perkins Tier 4-F-certified engine. Both engines offer standard Perkins Exhaust Temperature Management load-management technology, eliminating the issue of wet stacking during low-and no-load conditions, which can occur if a diesel generator is improperly sized or oversized for the job. The engines are designed to prevent wet stacking by monitoring and regulating engine exhaust temperatures and providing supplemental heat as needed.

The generators come standard with a 500-hour oil and filter service interval.