Mobile Air and Electricity from Ingersoll Rand

Sept. 28, 2010

The G2H and G3H are the smallest models in IR's line of construction generators.
Ingersoll Rand says its vehicle-mounted, above-deck, hydraulically driven air compressors, such as the new IR VHP30RMH and VHP40RMH models, offer a cost-effective solution for mobile, compressed-air needs.
Sizing a Small Generator
Before investing in a generator, Ingersoll Rand suggests a four-step evaluation:


  1. Select the items you want to power
  2. Check the start/run watts for each (Watts = Volts × Amperes) Start/Run wattage requirements for a few common tools: hand drill (1-inch), 1250/1000; impact wrench (1/2-inch), 1300/600; rotary hammer, 2600/1200; metal-cutting shears, 1800/800; airless sprayer (1/3 hp), 750/600.
  3. Total the start/run watts for all items
  4. Select a generator that exceeds the total needed.
    Source: Ingersoll Rand

For quiet production of air on board service trucks or work trucks, Ingersoll Rand has two new hydraulically driven air compressors, the VHP30RMH and VHP40RMH models. Both of these air-compressor modules are continuous-duty rated, delivering air volumes of 30 and 40 cubic feet/minute, respectively, at 175 psi. Both also feature a two-stage reciprocating pump.

The two-stage, reciprocating design of the new models compresses air to an intermediate pressure in the first stage, removes the heat of compression through an intercooler, then compresses air to its final pressure in the second stage. According to Ingersoll Rand, these two-stage compressors are efficient, durable (designed for 15,000 hours of service), and they can be used in either open- or closed-center hydraulic systems.

The compressors feature a cast-iron design for the cylinders, cylinder heads and frame. The overhung crankshaft is precision balanced to run smoothly, says IR, and the one-piece connecting-rod design means fewer wearing parts. The inter-cooler incorporates a finned-copper design, and the splash-lubrication system eliminates the need for a pump.

Other new IR products that you can place on service and work trucks, or carry to the jobsite, include the G2H and G3H hand-held generators. Powered by Honda engines with an automatic, low-oil shut-off feature, these small new generators are designed to operate such items as air compressors, power tools, water pumps and lighting, as well as to handle the requirements of small construction trailers.

The G2H produces 2.6 kW of maximum power with 2.3 kW of continuous power, and the G3H's ratings are 2.9 and 2.5 kW. The new units weigh 64 and 90 pounds, respectively, and they deliver power through 120-volt, ground-fault-circuit-interrupter (GFCI) duplex outlets with individual breakers.