Generac MLTB Light Tower

Oct. 29, 2021

The Generac MLTB is a high-intensity, DOT-certified light tower driven by the company’s Green Lithium Battery technology.

If offers low-noise, no-emissions, and zero cable operation. The lighting solution is designed for a variety of applications including indoor job sites. With no engine, less maintenance is required, lowering the total cost of ownership by up to 60 percent compared to the company’s diesel light towers. The MLTB can be used individually or linked with additional Generac plug-in towers, and it comes with a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers up to 75 hours of runtime without recharging.

When needed, the battery can be charged by a standard 120V or 240V outlet. The unit is equipped with four 240W high-performance G4 LED fixtures.