Light Tower-Maker Allmand Expands

Feb. 12, 2020

Allmand, a manufacturer of light towers and other portable job site equipment, reports significant progress on its Holdredge, Nebraska, plant expansion, which will allow for increased operational capabilities by late spring.

“The investments Allmand and [parent company] Briggs & Stratton have made in both the plant expansion and research and development in the past year speaks volumes about the bright future of our job-site solutions,” says Tom Rugg, Allmand’s president.

“Expanding the footprint, capabilities, and efficiency of our plant ensures Allmand can meet increased demand for its products across all markets including oil & gas, construction, and infrastructure, and also allows us to explore innovative research and development possibilities.”

The Allmand team has been working on several concept products that incorporate power solutions from fellow Briggs & Stratton brand, Vanguard Power. The conceptual products include two commercial battery powered inverters and battery powered light tower, as well as a fully integrated gasoline powered light tower.

Source: Allmand