Wacker Neuson G25, G35, G50 Generators

Oct. 27, 2021

The G25, G35, and G50 Wacker Neuson generators have been redesigned with a compact cabinet, integrated trailer, and folding tongue.

The G25 and G35 gen sets are powered by a Kohler KDI1903 turbo-charged engine, and the Wacker Neuson G50 is powered by the Kohler KDI2504 turbo-charged diesel. Both engines use a diesel oxidation catalyst and come with a four-year/4,000 hour transferable warranty. The 49-horsepower G35 generator is a new model that produces standby output of 31 kW and prime output of 28 kW. The G25 produces standby output of 22 kW and prime power of 20 kW. Both have a 63-gallon fuel tank for up to 33.6 and 25 hours of run time at 100 percent prime load, respectively.

The G50 generator has a standby output of 42 kW, prime power of 38 kW, and the 88-gallon fuel tank provides up to 25.6 hours of run time at 100 percent prime load.

Wacker Neuson G25 Generator Specs

  • Standby output: 22 kW
  • Prime output: 20 kW

Wacker Neuson G35 Generator Specs

  • Standby output: 31 kW
  • Prime output: 28kW

Wacker Neuson G50 Generator Specs

  • Standby output: 42 kW
  • Prime output: 38 kW