Minnich A-1CL dowel pin drill

Jan. 26, 2023

Minnich has redesigned its A-1C dowel pin drill. The drill is a lightweight, on-slab unit that offers horizontal, vertical, and 35-degree stitch and skewed drilling positions.

The drill is maneuverable but does not include a formal steering system. The A-1CL nomenclature refers to its lightweight design, weighing in at 350 pounds. It reaches a maximum drill depth of 18 inches with an under-collar drill steel length of 24 inches. The A-1CL requires 92.2 scfm and 120 psig of pneumatic power. All specs included correspond with the 48-inch model. The A-1CL will come in four different drill widths: 48 inches, 36 inches, 30 inches, and 24 inches. An optional dust collection system can be mounted directly to all Minnich dowel drill units, including the A-1CL, for reduced debris on the job site and in compliance with OSHA regulations.