Kubota RTV-X1130, RTV-X UTVs

Feb. 6, 2024
Two new UTVs from Kubota feature versatile bed choices

The Kubota RTV-X1130 compact utility vehicle has a 6-foot-long bed that can handle items from gravel and sand to pallets with pipes and sod, as it can be transformed to offer different cargo configurations without the need for tools.

The cargo bed features different material sub-compartments, and a flatbed configuration with its new Pro-Konvert bed. The standard cargo bed capacity has 26 cubic feet of storage and a cargo capacity of 1,213 pounds.

Using the Pro-Konvert system, the bed and its three sides allow operators to drop the two sides and/or the back tailgate for loading, and even converting it into a flatbed. A hydraulic dump bed with new bed lock allows for more controlled loads and precision material placement.

The new RTV-X UTV introduces a new naming structure for the company’s UTVs. The Kubota diesel engine and variable hydrostatic transmission are now matched with a redesigned and more aggressive exterior, new HDMP (heavy-duty multipurpose) tires, and the ProKonvert cargo bed option on select models.