Cushman Hauler Pro LSV

June 13, 2023
Based on Hauler Pro vehicle

Hauler Pro LSV Cushman utility vehicle is a street-legal vehicle that can be operated on roads with speed limits up to 35 mph in most jurisdictions.

The Hauler Pro LSV is based on the Cushman Hauler Pro, adding top-of-the-line safety standards for the street-legal version. It has DOT seatbelts, a rearview mirror with integrated backup camera display, side mirrors, an operator protective structure, and a pedestrian warning system.

The utility vehicle has a 15-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed. The electric vehicle is powered by the Samsung SDI lithium battery technology used across the Cushman Elite series, which are more energy-efficient than traditional personnel transport or utility vehicles. The battery system provides consistent power and performance regardless of its level of charge.