Husqvarna PRIME Electric Tools

Feb. 5, 2014

The new PRIME product range of modular electric cutting/drilling equipment from Husqvarna Construction Products uses high-frequency current and digital processing. The PRIME Range includes the K 6500 and K 6500 Ring power cutters, DM 650 drill motor, WS 220 wall saw, and corresponding power packs (PP 65 and PP 220). Separating the power pack from the tool says the company, exposes the power pack to less dirt and vibration, prolonging service life.

The K 6500 Ring power cutter and corresponding air-cooled PP 65 power pack, says Husqvarna, are designed with low weight for ease of transport and handling when working in both interior and exterior applications in concrete, stone, and masonry. The cutter operates on both single- and three-phase power, with respective outputs of 7.4 and 4 horsepower. A companion power cutter, the K 6500, is designed for both wet and dry cutting in concrete, metal, stone, and masonry, and for cutting smaller window and door openings, pipe cutting, roadwork asphalt cutting, and pre-cutting pipe trenches.

The DM 650 electric drill motor operates on both single- and three-phase power, delivering respective horsepower ratings of 4 and 8 on the spindle. The tool weighs 31 pounds and uses a torque-boost feature that reduces speed to increase drilling torque if steel reinforcing is encountered. The DM 650 is ideal, says Husqvarna, for core-drilling diameters from 4 to 24 inches, and an 18-step adjustable speed range allows optimal speed for all drill bit dimensions. The drill motor is recommended for use with the Husqvarna DS 450 stand.

The Husqvarna WS 220 is a compact, lightweight, electric wall-sawing system for 23- to 35-inch blades and is capable of sawing through 15-inch-thick walls. The high-frequency motor delivers 8 horsepower on the spindle and can be operated on both single-phase and three-phase power sources. The head weighs only 42 pounds, says Husqvarna, simplifying transport and mounting. The blade’s direction of rotation can be adjusted by the wireless remote control.

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