Light Earthmoving

September 28, 2010

Works in All Weather, Ground Conditions

Designed from Bobcat's S300 skid-steer loader and the A300 all-wheel-steer loader, the T300 is the largest in the company's track-loader lineup with a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds. With 17.7-inch-wide rubber tracks, the loader produces only 4.1 psi of ground pressure, which provides optimal flotation and tractive effort. This allows contractors to work in the field early in the year, after wet weather, and into the fall months. The T300 features a 126.4-inch vertical-lift path for easy truck loading. Estimated list price: $47,000 to $49,000.

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Easy to Enter, Exit and Service

Volvo has entered the skid-steer-loader market with its MC line. The five loaders are easy to enter and exit, and feature ratings from 49.5 to 86 horsepower. Operating capacities range from 1,350 to 2,450 pounds. The rear door swings open wide, and a top engine cover flips up for access to key service points. For major service, the cab tilts forward by removing two bolts. Spring-assist shocks make it easy to raise the cab, and a mechanical latch safely locks the cab in the open position. The height-to-hinge clearance provides easy loading, and high ground clearance allows the machines to maneuver over rough terrain. Two double-acting bucket cylinders provide exceptional breakout force. Estimated list prices: $22,700 to $30,400.

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Performs as Several Machines in One

The largest of John Deere's G-Series backhoe-loaders, the 710G maximizes productivity by acting as a small excavator and loader. Improvements over previous models include longer box-constructed stabilizers, a stance that is 18 inches wider, and a decreased transport width. Loader arms are also stiffer and heavier. For better bucket cleanout, the loader-bucket dump angle has increased to 45 degrees. A 6-cylinder engine provides 118 net horsepower and is Tier II compliant. A variety of tools—including couplers, hammers, buckets, forks and compactors—delivers best-in-class "mobile" productivity. Maximum digging depth is 17 feet 10 inches, and breakout force is 14,000 pounds. Pilot controls are optional. Estimated list price: $169,000.

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Offset-Boom System Allows Digging in Tight Spaces*

One of Takeuchi's best-selling machines of 2003, the zero-tail-swing TB53FR excavator features a patented, side-to-side (STS) offset-boom system, which allows operators to slew 360 degrees within inches of the machine width. With STS, the machine works well next to walls, close to traffic and other confined areas. The TB53FR's low center of gravity, combined with STS, provides digging speed, stability, power and visibility. An Interference Prevention System controls the boom's range of motion to prevent the bucket from contacting the operator station. The excavator weighs in at 11,440 pounds and has a maximum digging depth of 12 feet 10 inches. Bucket breakout force is 11,076 pounds. Estimated list price: $56,500 to $60,500.

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Keeps Operators High and Dry

New to Vermeer's product offering, the S600 ride-on skid-steer loader features a chariot-style operator compartment for lateral support and increased protection. This design, with cushioned operator platform, provides excellent visibility and keeps the operator out of work-site debris. Full-boom interlock prevents the boom from lowering when the key is off. The S600 is the only machine to offer 25 horsepower in a diesel unit, according to the company. Digging bucket height is 79.5 inches, and trenching depth is 3 feet, with widths ranging from 5 to 10 inches. Estimated list price: $15,000 to $20,000.

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Achieves True Zero Tail Swing

Ditch Witch introduces the MX family of five mini-excavators, which achieves true zero tail swing with removable counterweights. The patented closed load sensing system (CLSS) allows precise control through all levels of operation. A pilot-operated control valve provides smooth-operating hydraulics. Thanks to full-circle operator-station rotation and pivoting-boom design, the excavators can easily dig around obstacles. Models range in size from 1,960 to 10,300 pounds with digging capabilities from 4 feet 11 inches to 13 feet deep. The line is sold and serviced through the company's worldwide dealer organization. Estimated list prices: $16,000 to $50,000.

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Automatically Controls Power, Speed

With a machine width of 6 feet 7 inches and weight of 11,000 pounds, Yanmar's C50-R all-terrain track carrier provides a maximum payload of 8,379 pounds. High flotation capability (thanks to low ground pressure) allows productive operation in wet, muddy conditions, yet minimizes disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas. A reversible travel lever and seat ensure the operator is always facing in the direction of travel. When the travel lever is placed in neutral, the parking brake sets automatically. To improve visibility and minimize the blind spot, the right corner of the machine is lower. The Constant Horsepower Mechanism automatically controls power and speed according to the load to reduce the chance of stalling.

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Skid-Steers Feature More Than 100 Enhancements

Series II skid-steer loaders from John Deere boast more than 100 product enhancements that originated from direct customer feedback. Thanks to 60-40 weight distribution, the loaders feature exceptional stability. Also adding to stability, a long wheelbase allows travel at high speeds over rough terrain, and major components are mounted low on the frame for a lower center of gravity. The vertical-lift boom rises along a near-true vertical path at a 45-degree dump angle. For optimal cooling and long life, the company's PowerTech engine incorporates a direct-injection fuel system and long-life wet-sleeve cylinder linings commonly found on larger equipment. Direct-injection provides quick starts and fuel economy. The 54 attachments in Deere's Worksite Pro line make the machines extremely versatile. Suggested list prices: $21,200 to $38,000.

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Reduces Need for Training

Ditch Witch now offers a range of compact earthmoving machines, including the walk-behind SK500 mini-skid-steer loader that was designed from the ground up. The machine features an intuitive operator interface, which decreases the need for operator training and makes the machine an ideal choice for renting. A pilot control valve for ground drive provides highly responsive steering, with little or no vibration transferred to the control handles. Independent dual-hydrostatic ground drives are efficient and controllable, which increases production. The machine's 12-gpm hydraulic flow comes from two gear pumps for attachment control. One is a 4-gpm pump that controls the lift and tilt of the attachment. The other is an 8-gpm pump, which drives any attachment that requires hydraulics. Estimated list price: $16,500.

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Improved Operator Compartment*

Weighing 7,720 pounds, the HR16 mini-excavator can dig 11 feet 2 inches deep and has an 18 foot-2 inch reach with its 16-inch standard bucket. The boom is mounted offset and offers 60 degrees either side of center swing. Terex says it has improved operator comfort with spacious, steel cab with dual entries; ventilation; large tinted thermo windows; and hydraulically cushioned seat with armrests. Estimated list price: $40,150.

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Multi-Attachment Versatility

After more than 3 years of planning and development, Bobcat has created a completely new product—the Toolcat 5600. The 44-hp utility-work machine features four-wheel drive and all-wheel steer, which allow it to endure tough ground conditions. With a tight 17-foot outside-turn diameter, the unit is maneuverable in the most confined areas. The suspension system adjusts according to the type of load it's carrying and allows the machine to travel up to 18 mph with comfort and control. The hydraulic system provides 17 gpm and 3,000 psi of auxiliary hydraulic flow to run a variety of attachments, including a mower, box blade, auger, bucket, pallet forks, trencher, tiller, utility grapple, snow blade, V-plow and more. Estimated list price: $30,000 to $32,500.

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Compact Track Provides Stability

Kubota's first zero-tail-swing excavator, the compact U35, features 360-degree house rotation with the tail completely inside the width of the tracks. The machine maintains stability with a compact track and specially designed counterweight. Enhanced hydraulic performance delivers a powerful travel force, and an EPA-approved, four-cylinder diesel engine provides optimal fuel efficiency, high torque rise, and minimal noise and vibration. The excavator can work against a wall or fence and dig a 9- or 10-foot trench with ease. Maximum digging height is 192 inches. Estimated list price: $38,669.

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New Compact-Excavator Player

Vermeer enters the compact-excavator market with its CX line of seven models. These excavators are the first in the industry to offer an angled backfill blade for increased backfill efficiency, according to the company. The blade boasts five angle-backfilling positions: centered, +/-15 degrees to the right or left, and +/-30 degrees to the right or left. Fastened to the blade on the ditch side, two bolt-on extensions provide greater distance from the ditch during the backfilling function. The CX219Z features a variable-width undercarriage and zero tail swing. The heavier, turbocharged CX254 has a larger bucket and high breakout force. All excavators feature two-speed ground drive, 360-degree swing of the operator station, and the ability to change between excavator- and backhoe-style controls. Estimated list prices: $26,500 to $55,000.

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Increased Ground-Contact Area

ASV says its RC-100 All Surface Loader is the first rubber-tracked loader to combine high flow, high speed, high lift, high torque and high horsepower in one machine. It runs on a suspended rubber-track undercarriage, which has 42 wheeled contact points to increase ground-contact area. Compare this to the traditional skid-steer loader, which typically has four contact points. Two-speed drive motors directly drive the tracks with travel speeds up to 10 mph. The hydraulic system provides up to 35 gpm to the standard high-flow auxiliary circuit on demand or 20 gpm to the low-flow circuit. Estimated list price: $49,000.

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First All-Hydrostatic Drive System

The 430 and 435 ZHS compact excavators feature zero house swing (ZHS) and FastTrack—the industry's first all-hydrostatic drive system, according to Bobcat. FastTrack works like the drive system on a skid-steer loader; it splits power infinitely between the right and left tracks. The result is better torque control for dozing, smoother turns under a load, and gradual turns on surfaces like asphalt and concrete. It provides travel speeds up to twice the speed of competitive machines—5.0 mph in high range for the 430 and 5.4 mph for the 435. The other innovation—ZHS—allows the excavator house to remain within the outside edges of the tracks, giving operators 320 degrees of unrestricted motion. Estimated list prices: $41,950 and $49,950, respectively.

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Accepts More Than 60 Attachments

Replacing Volvo's ZL402, the L20B/L25B compact wheel loaders offer an alternative to skid-steer loaders with 6,000- to 7,000-pound operating capacities. The wheel loaders can be fitted with more than 60 attachments, and switching tools is quick with the hydraulic attachment bracket. For optimal traction, load retention and ride comfort, an articulation/oscillation joint keeps all four wheels in full contact with the ground. Plus, operator-selectable differential locks are fitted on both front and rear axles. Parallel loader linkage systems make the loaders ideal for pallet work. Lifting capacities are 1.8 tons for the L20B and 2 tons for the L25B. Both have a dump height of 8 feet 1 inch. Volvo's four-cylinder, direct-injection engine provides ratings from 56 to 62 horsepower. Estimated list price: $43,000.

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Body Rotates 360 Degrees within Tracks

Designed to deliver high uptime and productivity with minimal operating costs, the John Deere line of C-Series compact excavators features engines that meet EPA off-road emissions standards and boasts a 500-hour oil-change interval. Grease and hydraulic-oil-change intervals are 500 and 2,000 hours, respectively. Compared to earlier excavator models, the seat is raised and moved toward the rear of the machine. Distance between the pilot levers has been increased, and wrist rests are standard on all models. In addition to the operator-area improvements, zero tail swing allows the body of the machine to ro-tate 360 degrees within the width of its tracks. The machines come equipped with a mechanical quick coupler, auxiliary hydraulics and a travel alarm. They were developed in cooperation with Deere's long-term excavator partner, Hitachi. Estimated list price: $32,600 to $55,900.

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