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Lifting Report: IMT Revamps Dominator Lineup


Lifting & Material Handling

Iowa Mold Tooling next-generation Dominator service trucks includes the I, II and IV bodies plus a new Dominator III body designed to support the increased reach and capacity of its new lineup of six telescopic cranes. The move, says IMT, is to ensure the truck-crane units meet ASME standards on stability.

“Manufacturers like IMT are required to design and manufacture products to very specific standards, including those established by the ASME,” said Tim Worman, product manager for commercial vehicles at IMT. “To satisfy ASME requirements, our upgraded Dominator truck-crane units had to be stable at 118 percent of rated load.”

A new stabilizer is mounted at the right front of the body and extends out and down, providing greater stability than its predecessor. Operators now have the ability to perform lifts in the approved load area at full capacity of the crane load chart.

The Dominator bodies features a front stabilizer mounted at the right front of the truck. The stabilizer extends out and down, providing greater stability and giving operators the ability to perform lifts in the approved load area at full capacity of the crane load chart.

Other enhancements to the Dominator family include a patent-pending energy-absorbing boom stow that protects the top of the body compartments from damage if too much pressure is exerted from stowing the crane, high-intensity LED compartment lighting, and a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic.

In addition, IMT added the Dominator III model to fill a niche in the line. Designed to support the new 12000 telescopic crane, the III model fills a niche in the company’s Dominator lineup between the 10,000-pound-capacity II and the IV, at 14,000-pound capacity.

The 13-foot body has various sidepack configurations and offers accessibility to tools without losing any storage by providing front vertical compartments with single doors. IMT also incorporated the patented shelf hanger bracket system that enables quick adjustments of compartment shelves.

The truck enhancements support IMT’s six new telescopic cranes, with capacities ranging from 7,500 pounds to 14,000 pounds. Nomenclature on models 7500, 8600, 9500, 10000, 12000 and 14000 corresponds to maximum capacity, and they each offer up to 30 feet of reach and increased capacity over previous models.

Patent-pending Penta Boom design has a flat top that eliminates stress concentrations and a half hex that controls tracking at long reaches. Ten degrees of negative boom angle allows the crane to be reached more easily from ground level. Other improvements to the cranes include a fully proportional pistol grip radio remote control, LED overload indicator lights on the remote control handle, and a patent-pending boom hook stow that allows the boom hook to be stowed more easily and faster.

End-users can specify which new crane best fits their application needs, IMT says. The Dominator I model offers compatibility with the 7500 crane, while the Dominator II truck can support the 7500, 8600, 9500 or 10000. The Dominator III vehicle is designed to feature the 12000 crane, and the Dominator IV unit can fit the 12000 or 14000.