Liebherr XPower Wheel Loaders

November 5, 2015

The “XPower” wheel loader line ranges from the L550 to the L586, with 4.2- to 7.8-cubic-yard buckets. A proprietary power-split Tier 4-Final-compatible drive train combines a hydrostatic drive and a mechanical drive. Liebherr says the hydrostatic drive is most efficient for material uptake and traveling over short distances, and the mechanical drive is the more efficient and powerful option for long distances and for driving uphill. The power-split transmission manages the interaction of the two drive types. It is adjustable and continuously adapts to the mixing ratio of the two drive paths without noticeable switching and without interrupting traction power. The torque of the diesel engine is always distributed along both paths. The load is also distributed over the two drive paths, which contributes to longer component lifespan, according to the company. Through its own testing, Liebherr also touts that the loaders will use 30 percent less fuel than conventionally driven wheel loaders.

Promotional video below: