Liebherr LR1200/LR1200SX Crawler Crane

Staff | September 28, 2010

According to Liebherr, the design of LR1200SX lattice-boom crawler crane resulted in part from the request of a large North American crane-rental company that saw a market for a higher-capacity version of the company's 250-ton-rated LR1200. The result of that idea, the LR1200SX, is a crawler crane that provides higher capacities at shorter radii. Especially well accepted by customers,says Liebherr, is the new crane's luffing-jib capacities. The standard LR1200 can use 384 feet of lightweight main boom (292 feet of heavy boom), up to 312 feet of luffing jib, and 85 feet of fixed jib. Maximum combination is 486 feet. Estimated list price: $1,650,000 to $2,100,000.