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Liebherr 42 M5 XXT Concrete Pump


Concrete Pumps

A parked truck-mounted concrete pump
Liebherr has introduced its 42 M5 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump to North America.

Liebherr has introduced a 42 M5 XXT truck-mounted concrete pump and its “Powerbloc” drive unit, which it says combines the best features of open and closed hydraulic systems.

The concrete pump is equipped with a five-piece folding mast, and has an unfolding height of 28.2 feet with a vertical reach of 135 feet. According to the company, its outrigger support system is stable in any position due to direct load transfer. A redesigned rear end permits access to the pump for operation and maintenance.

Powerbloc hydraulic drive

Most concrete pumps use alternating pistons that drive cups to move concrete through a boom. The pistons, in turn, are connected to hydraulic cylinders that are powered with high-pressure oil, which provides the energy to pump concrete. Systems are either of an open- or closed-circuit design.

An open-circuit design, takes up more space, requires more oil, and weighs more, and a closed-circuit design addresses those concerns but incorporates more components—making it more complex.

The Powerbloc drive system completely integrates all hydraulic switching and measuring elements, eliminating numerous hydraulic hoses and other parts. A semi-closed hydraulic circuit supplies all drives with hydraulic energy. Because of this design, Liebherr says the oil volume is significantly reduced without a compromise in performance. It also weighs less and is designed to operate more efficiently and smoothly, leading to a longer service life.

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