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Liebherr 125 K Crane


Tower Cranes

Liebherr 125K fast-erecting crane on a site.

Liebherr’s 125 K fast-erecting crane has a radius of 180 feet and a maximum hook height of 215 feet. The 125 K has an initial hook height of 97 feet as standard. Five tower sections can be inserted to reach a total hook height of 136 feet. If the hook height still isn’t sufficient, the 30-degree luffed jib position enables a 215-foot hook height. 

The crane has a 17,600 pound maximum load capacity, and with a 180-foot radius at the jib head, it is able to lift 2,800 pounds. The crane also has five radius options, ranging from 114 feet to 180 feet. The crane also has a 10-foot slewing radius.

The 125 K can be towed as a trailer. Liebherr has also developed a 50 mph axle that is suitable for the current fast-erecting crane range. It can be used in a modular manner and consists of three units: a front axle as well as one rigid and one steerable rear axle. As a result, a 53 K or a 65 K.1 can be transported using the front axle and only part of the rear axle. For an 81 K.1, a tandem axle can be assembled using two individual rear axle modules.

Electronic stability control system sensors measure the lateral acceleration, and detect tilting tendencies early on. Braking intervention is specifically applied to individual tires and the axle is stabilized. This prevents loss of control, especially in case of unexpected braking maneuvers or difficult weather conditions.


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