Leica Geosystems iCON Construction Software

January 27, 2012

iCON is the umbrella for the entire Leica Geosystems Construction program. It includes:

• iCONstruct - Tailor-made hardware and software solutions for positioning and measuring tasks on site

• iCONtrol - Providing communication between construction personnel on site and a portfolio of machine control solutions

• iCONsult – A support network

• iCONnect - Connects the system to a network for wireless data transfer

The Leica iCON robot 50 is a new total station for one-person operation. For multipurpose positioning tasks, iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna features multiple communication options and RTK network capabilities. For both, Leica offers a choice of two controllers, the Leica iCON CC60/61, a 7-inch Tablet PC; and the Leica iCON CC50, a lightweight 3.5-inch PDA.