Legacy of a Publisher

Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010

The former publisher of Construction Equipment died last month. Many would consider it difficult to put someone's death in the context of their business, but Bob DeFrietas was the father of this magazine's rebirth.

Many on this staff, this editor included, worked with Bob during the 1980s. We remember his comittment to “Rebuilding America,” a great initiative geared toward bringing attention to the crumbling national infrastructure: highways, bridges, sewer and water.

It won Bob, and the magazine, recognition by industry organizations and even the President, Ronald Reagan. Our articles also won Jesse H. Neal awards.

Today, Construction Equipment enjoys the top ranking among magazines serving the managers of America's fleets because of the work Bob did in the 1970s and '80s.

“Bob Defreitas was the epitomy of what a business-to-business publisher should be,” says our current publisher, Rick Blesi. “He was engaged in the market, always looking out for the interests of both subscribers and advertisers. Some of Bob's former employees used to tell me that he took Construction Equipment from fifth in a field with four titles to the undisputed brand leader in the marketplace.”

We've continued the stretch of editorial awards begun during Bob's tenure, celebrating 28 consecutive years of winning. We continue to provide solutions to the asset managers responsible for the machines that continue to build and “rebuild” America. And we continue to partner with industry manufacturers and distributors.

Bob did us all proud. We will miss him, but we celebrate his legacy.

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