Leading Edge AlignAttach Is Excavator Quick-Change Coupler Alternative

September 10, 2015

The AlignAttach is an excavator quick-change coupler alternative.

The device allows for attachment changes without the use of quick couplers by simplifying the changing of attachments directly pinned to the machine. Unit allows the operator, without the use of a quick coupler, to unpin, change, and re-pin a new attachment without pounding pins and potentially pinching fingers. It helps to relieve the pressure on the pin joints, and helps to align the linkage bores for easy pin insertion and positioning, the company says.

The AlignAttach is manufactured in US using high-strength alloy steel and weighs about 50 pounds. One unit is available for all machines with 80- or 90-mm diameter pins (30,000- to 80,000-pound class). Additional sizes are scheduled to be available.

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