Laser Reference

Staff | September 28, 2010

Laser Reference Pro Shot Alpha laser levelThe new Pro Shot Alpha, says manufacturer Laser Reference, is an accurate, long-range automatic laser level suited for projects such as large building pads, commercial foundations and grade checking over long distances. In its standard operating mode, the new instrument provides one-button automatic leveling, but, says Laser Reference, it can also be used as a manual grade laser that self-levels in the cross axis. When the instrument completes its initial leveling, an Elevation Alert program constantly checks for disturbances that could affect accuracy. According to the manufacturer, the Pro Shot Alpha is accurate to ± .060 of an inch at 100 feet, has a working diameter of 2,000 feet, and will operate for more than 100 hours on four C-size alkaline batteries. The laser diode, optics and electronics are fully enclosed.