Larson Electronics GAU-HG-500W-LED-SS Heavy-duty LED Crane Light Replaces Metal Halide Lights

December 6, 2016

The GAU-HB-500W-LED-SS heavy-duty LED crane light produces 60,990 lumens of high-intensity light while drawing 500 watts from a 120-volt electrical system and is a direct replacement for 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures.

This high-mast LED floodlight is designed for crane lighting, flood lighting, and light towers, as well as industrial and outdoor lighting applications. Each unit is equipped with a back mount trunnion-style bracket constructed of stainless steel. The bracket allows the light to be attached to flat surfaces and be adjusted through 160 degrees of vertical movement. To adjust the unit after mounting, the user loosens the setscrews located on either side of the unit, moves it into the desired position, then re-tightens the screws.