Larger Selection Drives Big Skid Steer Interest

By Mike Anderson, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010
Larger Selection Drives Big Skid Steer Interest


The evolution of the large skid steer loader from utility- to production-caliber machine, as trumpeted in the Buying File profile of April 2008, is seemingly stepped up each and every time a manufacturer rolls out a new series since. It's not necessarily that the equipment type is physically getting bigger, because the established largest four individual models in the market remain as such. It's rather that manufacturers are quite frankly making their skid steers more efficient, more comfortable and more productive places in which to work. And the market seems willing to pay a price.

According to figures from, skid steers with a rated operating load or rated operating capacity of 2,201 pounds and up increased more than 22 percent in list price overall in the less than two years since the last Buying File coverage. At the dawning of 2010, a skid steer rated from 2,201 to 2,700 pounds sold for an average $43,327; a larger machine went for an average $46,355. Increases are undoubtedly in part attributable to mandated engine upgrades, but fancier operator digs offered up by manufacturers are in the mix, too.

The biggest of the big boys remain. According to figures compiled and verified by Spec Check, the behemoth 99-horsepower Gehl 7810E and brother Mustang 2109 top the field with rated operating loads of 3,850 pounds, followed by the Bobcat S330 at 3,300 pounds, and the Caterpillar 272C at 3,250 pounds (increasing to 3,480 pounds with optional counterweight).

Paternal industry brand Bobcat, already offering the K-Series S250, S300 and S330 vertical-lift-path skid steers rated at 2,500, 3,000 and 3,300 pounds, respectively, added a new vertical-lift model to the large-machine mix in 2009, as part of the all-new M-Series of compact loaders and excavators. The 2,690-pound-rated S650, following the lead of the similar-framed and -powered but lighter-lifting radius-lift-path S630 (rated at just under 2,200 pounds), incorporates a cab-forward design that comfortably sits the operator closer to the work area. A larger cab door with a lower threshold and 40-percent additional surface further enhances visibility, and makes it easier for operators to enter and exit. The new cab design, pressurized with a new one-piece seal, also features larger rear, top and side windows. New engine mounts improve isolation, decreasing vibration and sound levels, the latter cut by more than 60 percent, according to Bobcat. “I don't know why you'd want to get out of the machine,” says Rob Gilles, marketing manager.

Compared to models in Bobcat's pre-existing K-Series family, the 74.3-horsepower S630/S650 skid steers are about six inches shorter, but hydraulic horsepower has been increased more than 15 percent, says the company. Standard auxiliary flow on the debut M-Series machines is 23 gallons per minute; optional high flow reaches 30.5 gallons per minute. A new removable hose guide correctly routes hydraulic hoses, preventing hose wear and facilitating easier attachment changing. Other enhancements include 15- to 20-percent more tractive effort for pushing and digging power, 50-percent more lighting output for night work, and built-in holes for frame-mounted counterweights to increase lifting capacity. Selectable joystick controls are available.

Powered by Kubota V3307 direct-injection, turbocharged engines, the 74.3-horsepower skid steers and the corresponding T630 and T650 track loaders are only the beginning, says Bobcat. “The M-Series machines will be throughout the entire product line over the next two years,” says Mike Fitzgerald, loader product specialist.

Last fall, John Deere used the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Ky., as the backdrop to introduce the D-Series compact loaders, including the 326D, 328D and 332D vertical-lift skid steers rated at 2,600, 2,800 and 3,200 pounds, respectively. The previous 325, 328 and 332 models were rated at 2,500, 2,750 and 3,175 pounds, respectively, making the production capabilities of the new machines noteworthy, but that's only a fraction of the story, says John Deere.

“Customers have been asking us for more comfortable cabs similar to those found on larger pieces of Deere equipment, so we've introduced an all-new operating environment,” says Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager for skid steers and compact track loaders. The positively pressurized D-Series cabs feature 24-percent more room, including six more inches of headroom, and are easier to get in and out of due to a larger door opening. “Even with all the changes, visibility to the work is better than the industry-leading visibility on the previous-generation 300 Series machines,” says Zupancic. A claimed 50-percent noise reduction in and around the cab comes from several sources beyond mere sound absorption, including a hydraulic fan drive, an auto idle feature, and the new electronically controlled John Deere 5030HT engines. A high-performance HVAC system includes eight adjustable airflow vents for additional comfort.

“Operators asked us why they can't get more 'big machine' features in skid steers, in addition to the bigger, more comfortable cab,” says Zupancic. “We think they're right, and that's why we've responded with items like the auto idle, an optional reversinghydraulic fan, and an innovative V-Plenum cooling system that provides significantly more cooling capacity and performance.” V-Plenum cooling, first introduced on Deere four-wheel-drive loaders, has coolers that are significantly larger and taller because they are side by side. They are protected from air-blown debris damage, since the fan is rearward of coolers; the fan is not blasting debris into coolers, but instead drawing or sucking air through coolers from the rear.

“Customers asked us if they could adjust the maximum speed and sensitivity of the boom and bucket when operating in a specific application. They also asked for a creeper mode to slow down wheel speed independently of the engine speed,” says Zupancic. “So, we created the enhanced operator productivity option, called the EH Performance Package, where the operator can make adjustments to create a machine that perfectly fits his application or skill level.” The electro-hydraulic package includes controls that can be switched from ISO to H pattern, the creeper mode in which the operator can set wheel or track speed in 10-percent increments of the unit's top speed, and boom and bucket metering with three different speed settings.

The large skid steer market is served by no fewer than 10 major manufacturers, most offering multiple model sizes, some including Case, Cat and Bobcat with both vertical- and radial-lift models in this size range.

John Deere D Series skid steer
As part of the new D-Series, John Deere's larger skid steers – including the 328D shown here working a Deere RL84 roller level attachment – not only have increased rated operating loads, but also new operating stations with increased space and visibility. It is a response, says Deere, to market demands for “big-machine” features.
Case 465 Series 3 skid steer loader
The vertical-lift 465 Series 3 is the largest skid steer offered by Case. Pilot controls for all skid steers are available from the factory in either “H” or ISO patterns.
Bobcat M Series skid steer loader
Incorporating some of the most significant design changes in the long history of Bobcat, the M-Series rolled out last summer includes the vertical-lift M650. A cab-forward design brings the operator closer to the work area and provides better overall visibility for the operator.


Cost of Ownership
Rated Operating Load List Price *Hourly Rate
* Hourly rate is the monthly ownership costs divided by 176, plus operating costs. Unit prices used in this calculation are diesel fuel at $2.73 per gallon, mechanic's wage at $47.49 per hour, and money costs at 4.875 percent.
Source:, phone 800/669-3282
2,201 - 2,700 pounds $43,327 $33.21
2,701 pounds and up $46,355 $35.09


Skid-Steer Specifications (2,200-pound rated load and up)
Model Rated Operating Load (lb.) Standard / Counterweight Height to Bucket Pin Bucket Breakout (lbf) Engine Make/ Model Net Engine Output (hp) Pump Flow (gpm) Standard / Optional Operating Weight (lb.)
Source: Spec Check (as of January / 10)
Bobcat S220 (Tier 3) 2,200 / 2,300 122.4” 6,550 Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3CB 71.7 20.7 / 37 7,483
Case 435 Series 3 2,200 / na 120.0” 6,300 Case 432T/M3 77 23.8 / 33.2 6,780
Case 440 Series 3 2,200 / na 121.6” 6,207 Case 445T/M3 83 21.9 / 37.8 7,040
Gehl 5640E (Tier 3) 2,200 / 2,500 123” 5,900 Yanmar 4TNV98T 84 23 / 36 7,880
Mustang 2076 2,200 / 2,500 123” 5,820 Yanmar 4TNV98T 84 21.5 / 36.9 7,480
New Holland L180 (Tier 3) 2,200 / na 126.8” 6,034 FPT F5C E9454 69 21 / 35.8 7,130
Bulldog B8250 2,204 / na 125” na Perkins (na) 80 28 / na 8,267
Caterpillar 256C 2,350 / 2,566 122.9” 7,328 Cat C3.4 DIT 82 22 / 33 7,665
Doosan 460 Plus 2,391 / na 122.3” 4,678 Yanmar 4TNV98-ZNDS na 21.7 / 32.3 6,899
Volvo MC110B 2,400 / na 119.7” 5,575 Volvo D3.4D (Turbo) 83.5 21.4 / 28.5 7,491
Case 450 Series 3 2,450 / 2,650 124.5” 7,213 Case 445T/M3 83 21.9 / 41.8 8,630
Bobcat S250 (Tier 3) 2,500 / 2,600 128.8” 6,840 Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3CB 71.7 20.7 / 37 7,825
Case 445 Series 3 2,500 / 2,750 122.4” 7,400 Case 432T/M3 77 23.8 / 33.2 8,120
Caterpillar 252B Series 2 2,500 / 2,550 126” 5,508 Cat C3.4 DIT 71 22 / na 7,861
Doosan 470 Plus 2,500 / na 122.3” 4,678 Cummins B3.3-T na 21.7 / 32.3 7,478
New Holland L185 (Tier 3) 2,500 / na 126.8” 7,670 FPT F5C E5454 77 21 / 35.8 7,135
Thomas 250 2,500 / 2,600 123.8” 4,450 Kubota V3300-T 83 21 / 40 8,000
Thomas 255 2,500 / 2,600 123.8” 7,000 Kubota V3300-T 83 21 / 40 8,000
JCB 1110 Series II 2,535 / na 123” 5,732 JCB Dieselmax TC-68 na 21 / 35.7 8,420
John Deere 326D 2,600 / 2,750 125” 7,750 John Deere 5030HT 70 21 / 33 8,125
Gehl 6640E (Tier 3) 2,600 / 2,900 124.3” 5,900 Yanmar 4TNV98T 84 23 / 36 8,140
Mustang 2086 2,600 / 2,900 123” 5,820 Yanmar 4TNV98T 84 21.5 / 36.9 7,900
Komatsu SK1026-5 2,650 / 2,850 128.3” 5,400 Komatsu S4D98E-2NFD 84 21 / 34 8,068
Bobcat S650 M-Series 2,690 / na 124” na Kubota V3307-DI-T 74.3 23 / 30.5 8,327
Caterpillar 262C 2,700 / 2,945 127” 7,315 Cat C3.4 DIT 82 22 / 33 7,968
Gehl V270 2,700 / 3,000 130.3” 5,795 Yanmar 4TNV98T-ZNMS 84 21.75 / 36.9 8,000
Mustang 2700V 2,700 / 3,000 130.3” 5,795 Yanmar 4TNV98T-ZNMS 84 21.75 / 36.9 8,000
John Deere 328D 2,800 / 2,950 127” 10,300 John Deere 5030HT 80 21 / 35 8,400
New Holland L190 (Tier 3) 2,800 / na 127.6” 7,670 FPT F4G E9454 83 21.9 / 37.3 7,765
Bobcat S300 (Tier 3) 3,000 / 3,100 128.8” 6,840 Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3CB 77.7 20.7 / 37 8,268
Case 465 Series 3 3,000 / 3,200 125.5” 7,400 Case 445T/M3 83 21.9 / 41.8 8,875
John Deere 332D 3,200 / 3,350 127” 13,875 John Deere 5030HT 89 25 / 38 9,170
Caterpillar 272C 3,250 / 3,480 129.1” 7,315 Cat C3.4 DIT 90 22 / 33 8,362
Bobcat S330 (Tier 3) 3,300 / na 130” 5,800 Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3CB 83.8 20.7 / 37 9,185
Gehl 7810E 3,850 / na 142” 8,340 Cummins B4.5T-99C 99 29 / 41 10,520
Mustang 2109 3,850 / na 142” 8,340 Cummins B4.5T-99C 99 29 / 41 10,520



Gallery of Skid Steer Loaders 


Multiple Machines Available

Caterpillar skid steer loader
Including the vertical-lift 252B Series 2 machine, each of four current Caterpillar skid steer models with a rated operating load over 2,200 pounds was introduced in 2007 and updated with the Tier-3 Cat C3.4 engine in 2008. More recently, a laser-based AccuGrade system has been introduced for the radial-lift 256C (shown here) and vertical-lift 262C and 272C models, which collectively range 2,350 to 3,250 pounds in operating load. The sealed, pressurized C-Series cab offers a clean, quiet work environment for the operator, who has adjustable seat-mounted controls at his fingertips. Machine ride control and an air ride seat are available as options.

Full Power Won't Stall Out Unit

Komatsu skid steer loader
A long-wheelbase, vertical-lift skid steer rated at 2,650 pounds, the Komatsu SK1026-5 boasts 5,038 pounds of bucket breakout force. The 45-degree dump and 30-degree rollback of the hydraulically self-leveling bucket allow for faster dump cycles and better loadretention. The machine also features two-speed travel up to 10 miles per hour, Komatsu's anti-stall hydraulic system, and low-effort Proportional Pressure Control joysticks. Auxiliary hydraulics with flat-faced connectors and a universal coupler allow use of competitive attachments. Optional Super Flow delivers 34 gallons per minute for high-flow tool use.

New Series, New Design

Bobcat skid steer loader
When Bobcat rolled out its newest product family in 2009, the paternal skid-steer maker unveiled among the most significant design changes it has ever undertaken. The M-Series, which includes the vertical-lift S650 (shown here) with a rated operating capacity of 2,690 pounds, features a cab-forward design that includes more seat adjustments, a larger door and increased windows as part of a pressurized cab. New engine mounts cut noise by more than 60 percent. Featuring increased standard hydraulic flow and pressure, the M-Series is in addition to Bobcat's full line of radial- and vertical-lift machines, topped by the 3,300-pound-rated S330.

'Big-Machine' D-sign Debuts

John Deere skid steer loader
Meeting requests for “big-machine” features, John Deere rolled out its D-Series vertical-lift skid steers at ICUEE last fall with a completely redesigned operator station, boasting 24 percent additional space including 6 more inches of headroom. The three largest models, the 326D, 328D and 332D (shown here) rated at 2,600, 2,800 and 3,200 pounds, respectively, each boast increases in operating capacities over predecessor models. Operators can choose from standard foot control pedals, H-pattern hand control levers or electro-hydraulic (EH) joysticks. The optional EH Performance Package customizes machine performance for specific tasks.

Roomier Work Stations for Models

Case skid steer loaders
With two models rated at 2,200 pounds, the vertical-lift 435 and radial-lift 440 (shown here), Case also offers three larger Series 3 machines topped off by the vertical-lift 465 rated at 3,000 pounds. The cabs available for all Case Series 3 skid steers introduced in 2008, including the vertical-lift 445 and radial-lift 450, feature a claimed 7-percent increase in headroom and 6-percent increase in lap-bar width, along with improved forward, side, rear and overhead visibility. Exterior side lighting provides nighttime visibility. Single-location daily service checks remain a hallmark of the line, and an “easy-tilt” ROPS design offers easy access to major components.

Enhanced Model Gains Strength

JCB skid steer loaders
Featuring the monoboom design with a left-side entrance exclusive to JCB, the 1110 Series II skid steer (shown here) offers a rated operating capacity of 2,535 pounds, up from the predecessor's 2,425 pounds. Among machine design improvements, the access door opens toward the rear, instrumentation is relocated for better line-of-sight visibility, and new joysticks provide enhanced control and multi-functionality. Increased standard and optional high-flow hydraulic pressure and flows boost cycle times, breakout force and hydraulic horsepower. The anti-stall Power Management system is on all Series II skid steers and track loaders from JCB.

Large Product Offering Expands

Gehl skid steer loader
Introduced in 2009, the V270 (shown here) is an all-new Gehl skid loader with a rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds, increasing to more than 3,000 pounds with optional counterweight. A heavy-duty vertical-lift design provides more than 130 inches of lift height to the V270, powered by a Yanmar 4TNV98T engine delivering 84 net horsepower. A version of the same engine, delivering identical output, was added in mid-2009 to the established 2,200-pound-rated 5640E and 2,600-pound-rated 6640E models. Topping the E-Series is the 99-horsepower 7810E, boasting rated capacity of 3,850 pounds with its vertical-lift Powerview boom.

Reaching for New Heights

Mustang skid steer loader
As a sister product line to Gehl, Mustang likewise launched a new skid steer model last summer. With its standard rated operating capacity of 2,700 pounds, the 2700V (shown here) is positioned to meet needs between the 2086 and 2109 models, the latter of which matches the Gehl 7810E with an industry-leading 3,850 pounds of rated operating capacity. Offering more than 35 inches of forward reach, the vertical-lift 2700Vis suited for loading into large trucks. The 2,200-pound-rated 2076 and 2,600-pound-rated 2086 models, while also at 86 horsepower, have 123 inches of height to hinge pin – or more than 7 inches less than the 2700V.

New Tier, New Features

Volvo skid steer loaders
Volvo recently launched its Tier 3-certified, radial-lift skid steers, including the largest MC110B (shown here) with a rated operating capacity of 2,400 pounds. In addition to a new engine, the updated skid steers boast lift/lower/curl/dump cycle times claimed as 25- to 35-percent faster. Volvo responded to customer feedback by integrating the hydraulic filter into the hydraulic tank, to open up the rear engine compartment; changing hydraulic hoses to steel tubes for durability; and locating hydraulic lines on top of the lift arm. A new, easy-to-read control panel is similar to that on Volvo compact excavators. Various control systems are available.

Ready to Get Down to Work

New Holland skid steer loader
At the large end of the Super Boom family, New Holland offers models L180, L185 and L190 (shown here), each most recently introduced in 2008 with a new turbocharged engine produced by fellow Fiat Group member FPT. Rated operating load for the largest three Tier-3 Super Booms ranges 2,200 to 2,800 pounds. Getting going is enhanced by new standard grid heaters, more powerful starters, and batteries with 30-percent more cold cranking amps. For operator comfort and visibility, the cab's glass door opens a full 90degrees. A large window, low engine hood and absence of frame towers provide a clear view to the rear.

Gallery of Attachments 


Bulltrite skid steer grapple
For precise picking and placing of boulders, logs and other landscaping obstacles, the Builtrite skid-steer grapple offers 360-degree continuous rotation in either direction. A selector valve for rotation and open/close functions allows the grapple to be used with an additional hydraulic circuit, says Northshore Manufacturing. As a hanging attachment, the grapple offers clear jobsite visibility for the operator. A universal bracket allows for multi machine mounting.


General Equipment 671 Dig R Tach skid steer attachment
A standard in the drilling industry, a two-inch hexagon auger drive system is used to eliminate excessive auger drive-shaft wear on the 671 Dig-R-Tach, says General Equipment. For use on carriers including skid steers, the Dig-R-Tach is available with a complete line of earth augers up to 36 inches in diameter, featuring Pengo-type, cast-steel boring heads and forged teeth. For additional drilling depth, full-flighted auger extensions can be added.


Zanetis Power Attachments skid steer planer
Standard with hydraulic tilt, depth and side-shift control, high-flow planers may be ordered from Zanetis Power Attachments with manual or electric over hydraulic controls. The planer drive lines consist of a planetary gear hub coupled to a piston motor, putting the load on bearings and gear sets within the torque hub, not on the motor. For fine grade control, planers come with wheels and side skids, which respectively cut rolling resistance and maintain depth over pavement voids.

Layton & Rose

Rockaway landscaping attachment for skid steers
With the Rockaway landscaping attachment, the separating out of rocks is done by a single rotor, studded with mining teeth arranged in a spiral pattern. Manufactured by Layton & Rose and marketed by MDS Group, the tool was designed by a landscaper frustrated by the cost of replacing chains and slats. With just two greased bearings and one chain, the Rockaway is designed to simultaneously till and fluff the soil. It is available in four widths, for buckets ranging 60 to 83.5 inches.


Accommodating slabs from 4 to 8 inches in thickness, the “Skidsteer Slab Crab” turns sideway and driveway concrete removal into a one-person job, says Kenco. Once the concrete is cut, the operator of a skid steer equipped with the 650-pound attachment can remove the slabs without disturbing the sub-base. The operator simply slides the tool's teeth under the slab, lifts slightly to break the bond, and tilts back to secure the slab in place for loading on a truck or stacking.


Harley M Series power box rake attachment for skid steer
Available in fixed, manual and hydraulic variations, the M Series power box rake allows a skid steer to prepare soil for seeding. With roller widths of 4 and 6 feet, the six M Series models from the Paladin-owned Harley brand use a specially shaped carbide tooth design and pattern that releases the preferred amount of moisture from the soil. The Rhino-Hide barrier adjusts, so the operator can choose the amount of material left in the seedbed for faster drying in muddy conditions.


CEAttachments Edge grader attachment for skid steer loader
A 96-inch blade with a reversible/replaceable cutting edge suits the Edge grader attachment for re-shouldering, sub-grading and blacktop preparation jobs, says manufacturer CEAttachments. With in-cab hydraulic control of angle, tilt and depth, the attachment's low profile facilitates operator visibility. At the same time, large tires enhance maneuverability. Choosing the end plate option allows use of the Edge grader similar to a box blade. A laser system is also available.

Trynex International

Trynex SweepEx Mega 600 broom attachment for skid steer loaders
To address assorted cleanup, material handling and snow removal applications, the SweepEx Mega 600 broom attachment by TrynEx International is built with a 60-inch long mainframe. Dirt, leaves, steel shavings, gravel and even standing water can, says TrynEx, be cleaned up with the SweepEx Mega Series attachment, which is adaptable to a wide variety of service vehicles. Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots are available.


Lowe Manufacturing trencher attachment for skid steer
Among the attachments produced by Lowe Manufacturing for use on skid steers, trencher models offer digging depths ranging 24 to 60 inches and digging widths from 4 to 12 inches. In addition, two models of grapples, the G-72 and BG-600, are suited for storm cleanup, scrap and recycling, and bridge and road reconstruction applications. Also available are auger drives, auger bits from 4 to 48 inches in diameter, and assorted auger accessories.

E-Z Drill

E-Z Drill Model 210 Twin Vertical concrete drilling attachment for skid steer loader
Use of two adjustable drills at once particularly suits the Model 210 Twin Vertical concrete drilling system for pulling patches, slab-jacking and under sealing. For use as an attachment on compact loaders including skid steers, this unit manufactured by E-Z Drill is completely pneumatic, eliminating the need for electric or hydraulic hook-up. The feed system includes an angular adjustment, allowing the drills to be positioned between 45 and 90 degrees.

York Modern

York Modern Model SSF landscape rake attachment for skid steer loader
A landscape rake specifically designed for use with skid steers, the Model SSF from the York Rakes division of York Modern Corporation can be set to push or pull, as well as angled to discharge left or right. The full-floating skid steer frame is supplied with the mounting plate attached, as per the brand and model of carrier specified by the customer. Raking widths of 6, 7 and 8 feet are available. Caster wheels, a grader blade, end boots and hydraulic angle are optional.


Atco Equipment Blue Diamond six-way dozer blade for skid steer loaders
As part of Atco Equipment's Blue Diamond attachment family, the six-way dozer blade has 30 degrees of angle and 10 degrees tilt that can be controlled either from the skid steer's attachment controls or with a universal control. For production year-round, removing two pins on the back of the blade will allow it to trip for use in pushing snow. The trip springs and skid shoes come standard with the six-way blade; a height extension can be added.


Vacuworx MC3 mini vacuum lifter attachment for skid steer loaders
Due to its self-contained design and dry weight of only 900 pounds, the new MC3 “mini” vacuum lifter from Vacuworx can be attached to assorted smaller carriers, including skid steers. A lifting capacity of about 6,600 pounds – or 3 metric tons – allows the handling of steel plate, concrete slab, landscape rock, or steel and poly pipe. Pipe can be stockpiled without spacers, and only suction pads need changing before handling pipe of another diameter. The MC3 comes with a wireless remote control.

DII Attachments

Tramac SC-28 hydraulic breaker attachment for skid steer loader
For use on machines from 6,600 to 16,550 pounds in operating weight, the Tramac SC-28 hydraulic breaker has an automatic pressure regulator to ensure maximum performance on all carriers, including larger skid steers, regardless of flow variations. Upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the 606-pound SC-28 from the carriage, reducing noise and vibration to the carrier. Products of Doosan-owned DII Attachments, Tramac's SC Series breakers accept clip-on accessories such as buckets and tampers.

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco PB 210 hydraulic breaker attachment for skid steer loader
With a service weight of 440 pounds, the PB 210 hydraulic breaker delivers 1,150 blows per minute at 2,030 pounds per square inch of pressure. Its weight makes the PB 210 suited for skid steers in the 6,395- to 13,230-pound weight class, but yet the breaker offers a hitting force comparable to larger tools, says manufacturer Atlas Copco. Boasting a high power-to-weight ratio with an impact energy class rating of 550 foot-pounds, the PB 210 also features the VibroSilenced damping system.

Furukawa RockDrill/USA

Furukawa Hydraulic Breakers small series KF 3 breaker for skid steer loader
Furukawa Hydraulic Breakers Small Series KF 3 breaker is designed for work in tight environments, sidewalk/driveway removal or light demolition work. It can be mounted on skid steers, mini excavators or compact utility loaders. The unit also comes in a Qt version for use in residential areas where noise levels are a consideration.


Allu D Series screening bucket attachment for skid steer loader
Turning a skid steer into a fine screening machine, D-Series screening buckets feature a rear-mounted drum system with a new bearing solution providing better protection against dust penetration, says Allu. A new stronger frame and outer bucket shell combines with a dual-motor, dual-chain drive system for longer life. At the same time, a slower spinning internal rotor speed reduces wear. Roadside screening of fragment end product up to 5/8 of an inch is possible.


Sidney Timberline TBL1000 tree shear attachment for skid steer loaders
Designed to mount on most skid steer loaders in addition to compact excavators, the Timberline TBL1000 tree shear from Sidney Manufacturing can cut a tree up to 10 inches in diameter and, with its ability to rotate after the cut, then serve as a grapple to lift, wrangle and carry the fallen tree. This capability serves the shear well for use by trimming professionals who need to selectively remove unwanted trees from a stand, as well as productively prune and trim standing trees.

Terex Loegering

Terex Loegering concrete hauler skid steer attachment
Renowned for track systems that turn skid steers into tough-terrain machines, Terex Loegering also supplies both hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments for skid steers. A concrete hauler attachment, the Loegering Mud Bucket allows concrete to be transported into tight spaces not accessible for trucks. A hydraulic gate unloads the material without the need for additional labor, and concrete can be placed accurately with the 14-inch-long chute that reduces to a 9-inch-wide opening.


Coneqtec Universal HS 57 manhole tool attachment for skid steer loader
By using a heavy-duty hydraulic motor powered by the high-flow hydraulics of its carrier, the HS-57 manhole repair/removal tool turns a task that could take hours into minutes, says maker Coneqtec-Universal. After 40 carbide-tipped picks cut through concrete, asphalt or rebar, the tool's brackets lock into place on the interior rim of the flange and lift it and the surrounding layers of surface. The entire area can then be set onto a truck bed. The HS-57's chain/gear assembly has a removable cover.


Sneller brush shredder attachment for skid steer
In addition to its powered cutting, shredding and stump grinding attachments for assorted larger land-clearing applications, Sneller Machine offers a 60-horsepower brush shredder that mounts to skid steers. A Cat C2.2 diesel engine mounted inside the shredder attachment delivers “true” power directly to the cutting head, says Sneller. Patented cutter bits feature a no-bolt system, ensuring easy and quick changing.


AccuGrade grading system for skid steer loader
A new laser-based AccuGrade grading system by Caterpillar combines ATI's Level Best grading box with the Caterpillar C-Series skid steer's integral electro/hydraulic controls to automatically create flat or single-slope grades to within a quarter-inch. Support wheels ahead of the grading box extend the carrier's wheelbase for smooth cuts. An in-cab display shows the blade's position relative to the finished grade. A trigger switch on the implement joystick allows manual operation.


Bobcat grader attachment for skid steer loaders
Two new grader attachment options for Bobcat loaders feature hydraulic side-shift for easier grading in tight areas and an end-wing kit for use of the attachment like a box blade. The 96- and 108-inch graders are approved for use on, among carriers, the two largest Bobcat skid steer models, the S300 and S330, as well as the A300 all-wheel-steer loader. A proportional hydraulic valve provides three speeds at which the moldboard is raised or lowered, to more closely match the carrier speed.


Volvo scrap grapple bucket attachment for skid steers
The low profile of the scrap grapple bucket offered by Volvo Construction Equipment provides excellent visibility for the skid steer's operator when picking up and securing large, bulky waste and scrap. Patented grapple pins reduce torsion force, minimizing maintenance and downtime for the 994-pound grapple bucket. A bucket depth of 36 inches allows the attachment to retain large amount of material for increased productivity on the job, says Volvo.

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