Staff | September 28, 2010

NDS, Inc. has created a green alternative for commercial landscapes with the TuffTrack grassroad paver. Developed as an alternative to concrete or asphalt pavements to maintain healthy grass turf in high-traffic areas, TuffTrack is constructed from recycled plastics, built to be both tough and ecologically efficient. The TuffTrack grass paver can be used for a variety of applications including golf courses, emergency vehicle access, school fields, and overflow parking lots.

The easy to install TuffTrack forms a solid foundation for the landscape with paver sheets of honeycomb-shaped cells equipped with a tongue and groove latching system. This unique design allows for up to 98,500 pounds of vehicular traffic to drive over turf areas without putting pressure on the roots of the grass or compromising the condition of the landscape. ((312) 946-6004 or