Labor Center Study Finds Casino Jobs Benefit Workforce

Staff | September 28, 2010

A study, funded by The Construction Institute and the Future of Work in Massachusetts project, found that the gaming industry — particularly the unionized sector of the casino hotel industry — provides good jobs with good wages and benefits for the parts of the workforce that are often neglected. The study examines the quality of jobs in the United States gaming industry and analyzes enabling legislation in five states that have legalized gaming. The report, "Gaming in Massachusetts: Can Casinos Bring 'Good Jobs' to the Commonwealth?," finds that among workers without a college education, gaming workers in casino hotels enjoy higher pay and more generous job benefits, such as health care and pensions, than workers in non-gaming jobs. In unionized casino hotels, higher pay and job benefits extend beyond gaming workers to housekeepers, dishwashers and cooks who work in the casinos' hotels and restaurants. Poverty among these workers is practically non-existent, and they tend to live middle class lifestyles — owning their own homes, sending their children to college and enjoying secure retirements. For a complete copy of the report, visit