Komatsu Parallel Link Undercarriage System

September 28, 2010

Komatsu designed its new Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS) with sealed and lubricated, rotating bushings to wear evenly without requiring a bushing turn. Komatsu testing and field trials suggests that it can last up to twice as long as conventional undercarriage. A taller, hardened link provides longer wear life. Segmented sprockets are designed to shed material which minimizes packing. Carrier rollers have a larger diameter to increase wear life, and track rollers with larger flanges and roller guards that contact the link instead of the pins help maintain track alignment. The undercarriage, which Komatsu manufactures, is standard equipment on the D51EX/PX-22, D61EX/PX-15 and D65EX/PX/WX-15 crawler dozers. PLUS can also be easily retrofit to existing machines.