Komatsu New Dump Trucks

September 28, 2010

Komatsu America Corp. has introduced a new articulated dump truck (HM350-2), a new articulated truck (HM300-20), and two new rigid dump trucks (HD325-7 and HD405-7).

The HM350-2 is developed to work in a variety of conditions from rough terrain construction sites to landfills. It has 2-stage lift cylinders, hydropneumatic suspension front and rear, a maintenance free oscillating hitch and a reliable wet multiple disc brake retarder. It also has a SAA6D140E-5 turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine with maximum net output of 394 HP, 294 kW that meets both EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission regulations. The body has a heaped capacity of 25.9yd³ and a loading height of 9 feet, 9 inches.

The HM300-2 is designed for earthmoving, road construction and quarry markets. It has a water-cooled, 4-cycle 340 net HP SAA6D125E-5 engine that is EPA Tier 3 emissions certified. The HM300-2 features a maximum GVW of 113,360 pounds, capable of hauling up to a 30-ton payload at its top rated speed of 36.4 mph. The HM300-2 has a hydro-pneumatic suspension in both the front and rear for keeping the tires on the ground at all times. The front axle hydro-pneumatic suspension has a trailing-type design, allowing the truck to travel smoothly over bumps. A fully hydraulic articulated steering system provides easy operation, with a minimum turning radius of 26 ft., 1 in.

The HD325-7 and HD405-7 (45 ton) are designed for sand and gravel and rock quarry sites. Both feature an SAA6D140E-5 turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine with a maximum net output of 498 HP that meets EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission regulations. Both the service filters and greasing points have been centralized for easier servicing. Oil change intervals have also been extended to 500 hours for engine oil and 4000 hours for hydraulic oil. Flange-type tire rims make removal and installation of the trucks’ tires easy.