Komatsu D155CX-8 Pipe Layer

March 14, 2020
Komatsu D155CX-8 pipelayer places utilities.

The Komatsu D155CX-8 pipelayer has a 170,000-pound rated lift capacity and an oval track undercarriage designed to balance front/rear and left/right weight distribution. With long 12 feet 10 inches of track on ground, the D155CX-8 improves stability for pipeline work, says Komatsu, especially when working on adverse grades.

Featuring a ROPS cab with automatic climate control, large cab windows, a skylight viewing area, and both front and rearview cameras, the D155CX-8 can be further equipped with optional features, including a load-moment indicator and an additional, right-side, counterweight-mounted camera. Simple breakdown makes the D155CX-8 easy to transport, says the company.