Staff | September 28, 2010

Komatsu D-61 crawler dozerThe 155-horsepower (net) Komatsu D-61 crawler dozer is available with a standard undercarriage (D61EX-15) and a low-ground-pressure undercarriage (D61PX-15). Operating weights for these two versions are 36,420 and 39,990 pounds, respectively, when fitted with a power/angle/tilt (PAT) blade and a ROPS canopy. Ground contact area for the EX is 4,836 square inches, while that for the PX is 8,451 square inches, resulting in ground pressures of 7.54 psi and 4.69 psi, respectively. Both machines can use a PAT blade (4.4 cubic yards for the EX and 5.0 cubic yards for the PX), plus, the EX can use a semi-U tilt blade rated at 5.6 cubic yards, and the PX can use a straight blade rated at 4.2 cubic yards. The D61 features a hydrostatic-steering system, which is controlled by a single joystick and allows full power to both tracks during turns. The single-lever blade controller uses Komatsu’s Palm Command system.