Staff | September 28, 2010

WB142-5 backhoe-loaderAccording to Komatsu, its new WB142-5 backhoe-loader, with an approximate operating weight of 14,500 pounds, is an “entry-level” model “aimed cost-conscious buyers who want a machine with lots of performance in a simple package.” While the WB142-5 is priced lower than its “high-spec, deluxe models,” says Komatsu, this new 76-horsepower machine “has many of the same design features as its big brother, the WB146-5.” Four-wheel drive is a standard feature, as is the 1.0-cubic-yard front bucket with bolt-on cutting edge. The new model also uses a heavy-duty, cast “nose guard” that serves as protection for the engine and as an integral counterweight. The WB142-5’s hydraulic system supplies a flow of 37 gpm from a tandem gear pump, and the system allows the operator to select a performance mode or a fuel-economy mode for both loader and backhoe functions.