Kohler KDI 3404 Tier 4-Final Diesel Engine


Diesel Engines, 100 to 250 hp

Kohler KDI 3404 Tier 4-Final Diesel Engine

Kohler has expanded its Direct Injection (KDI) engine line with the introduction of the 3.4L KDI 3404, designed for heavy-duty commercial applications requiring enhanced power and torque.

The engine is a Tier 4-Final emission-compliant unit that does not use a DPF. The company’s KDI line, which now includes eight engines, achieves Tier 4-Final emission compliance without a DPF due to a number of design features, including a direct injection system, cooled EGR, and a DOC. A high-pressure common rail system is also integrated, which utilizes pressures at 29,000 psi to deliver better atomization of fuel, improved fuel consumption and a reduction in emission particulates, Kohler says.

The KDI 3404 is available in four ratings, ranging from 74 to 134 horsepower, with peak torques from 276 to 369 lb.-ft. To enhance power and torque, the engine’s mapping program within the Electronic Control Unit monitors and manages power output in varying conditions by injecting fuel multiple times into the combustion cycle.