Cummins Unit Expands Turbo Reman Capabilities

Oct. 20, 2022
Remans will meet the same specifications as new

Cummins Turbo Technologies, a business unit of Cummins, has added turbo remanufacturing to its operations in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Adding turbo remanufacturing allows Cummins the flexibility to optimize its network between remanufactured and new turbocharger products and improve the cost competitiveness of both remanufactured and new turbos, according to the company.

Remanufactured used turbochargers will meet the same specifications as new turbos. Each remanufactured turbo will go through an equivalent validation process to ensure they meet the dependability and performance expectations of Cummins’ customers.

Remanufacturing allows the company to “use less, use better, and use again,” while presenting an environmentally friendly option to replace a turbo. The facility allows for the salvaging of roughly 70 percent of the turbo’s metal by weight, reducing the global impact from mining and refining those metals, according to the company.

Cummins’ $27 million investment in the remanufacturing facility will create more than 250 new jobs for the North Charleston community.

Source: Cummins Inc.