Kohler 30REZGT Propane-Powered Generator

February 17, 2015
Kohler 30REZGT Propane-Powered Generator

Kohler has expanded its mobile generator product line with the addition of a fourth model that is able to run on propane—the 30REZGT.

Like its predecessors, the 50REZGT, 70REZGT, and 125kVA, this latest generator model was developed in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council. The 30REZGT features a 3-liter industrial power train engine. Like Kohler’s earlier propane-powered mobile generator models, the 30REZGT includes an onboard LP tank that offers up to 24 hours of run time when the generator is used at sites without a dedicated propane supply. Operators can switch to an on-site propane supply when one is available.