Kobelco SK850 Crawler Excavator

March 11, 2014

The SK850 is the largest excavator in Kobelco’s product line, featuring a 510-horsepower common-rail fuel-injected engine with EGR, and a multiple injection system that has an adjustable control to maximize fuel efficiency and provide substantial low-end torque, the company says. This model has three work modes, H, D and Eco. Through a single button in the cab, operators can choose to work in H-mode for heavy-duty work when extra power is needed, D mode for loading tasks, or Eco mode which puts priority on low fuel consumption and economic machine performance for lighter duty digging and moving. The SK850 weighs in at 183,951 pounds, has a bucket breakout force of 79,250 pounds, a dig depth of 31 feet 10 inches, and uses a 2.5- to 7-cubic-yard bucket.