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Knaack Thermosteel Heated Storage Boxes for Cold Job Sites


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Knaack Thermosteel Heated Storage Boxes
Knaack Thermosteel Heated Storage Boxes

The Thermosteel job site storage box is engineered to keep supplies at optimal temperatures, according to the company.

Designed specifically for contractors working in cold environments, it is a heated storage unit with a plug-in heating element to be used when job site temperatures drop below 40 F. When temperatures drop as low as 0 F, the product can get up to 70 F within the cabinet, Knaack says. Additional product features include the Tool Kage Door and Thermal Blanket, which helps keep adhesives, paints, batteries, safety gear and more protected from extreme weather conditions. Casters, 4-way skid access, and recessed side handles are option to enhance maneuverability.

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