September 28, 2010
Kasi Patriot Asphalt ReclaimerWith its compact cab-over design, the Kasi Patriot is designed to deliver the equipment and functionality associated with larger infrared truck systems. On one chassis is provided a 48-square-foot infrared pavement heater, 2- or 4-ton-capacity asphalt reclaimer, tool storage area, compactor compartment and dumping waste bin. Measuring less than 22 feet in length, the new Patriot from Kasi offers a turning radius that makes it able to fit where previous systems could not. The propane tanks are tucked safely under the reclaimer doors. Infrared technology blends new asphalt in with the original by heating an area 6 to 8 inches beyond the perimeter of the repair. The new asphalt is then compacted with the old creating a seamless permanent.