Staff | September 28, 2010

Karcher IB 15/80 Dry-Ice BlasterThe new IB 15/80 Dry-Ice Blaster from Karcher Industrial Products is designed for cleaning metal, plastic, wood and rubber surfaces by freezing and lifting off the unwanted material — whether grease, rust, paint, asphalt or mold. The cleaning system uses compressed air to propel tiny dry-ice pellets at supersonic speed. The dry ice flash freezes the contaminant, which then drops off and can be swept or vacuumed, and the dry ice dissipates into the air. The new cleaner operates on 120-volt current and uses a blasting pressure of 44 to 230 psi. Compressed-air requirements range from 150 to 300 cfm. The system uses 3-millimeter dry-ice pellets and consumes them at the rate of 66 to 220 pounds per hour. The Dry-Ice Blaster weighs 198 pounds and is made of stainless steel.