Kalb's Q & A For California Contractors

David Kalb | September 28, 2010

Q: I read that my license number must be included in all construction contracts, subcontracts, bids, and all forms of advertising “as prescribed by the Registrar of Contractors.” Do you have any idea what this all includes?

A: You likely read Business & Professions (B&P) Code section 7030.5. Board rule 861 explains that the term advertising includes but is not limited to, “…any card, contract proposal, sign, billboard, lettering on vehicles (registered in this, or any other state), brochure, newspaper …” In other words, most anything distributed to or viewed by the public that contains your business name, address, phone, etc.

Q: I want out of a license partnership. We obtained the license a year ago, and it has not worked out as planned. What would you recommend as the best – and fastest – way to cancel the license? Will I need the other partner's signature?

A: You can either file a Notice of Disassociation with the CSLB, which, for partnerships, has the affect of canceling the license or you can complete and file a “Cancellation Notice.” Either of these forms can be filed with just your signature. Both forms are available on the CSLB website.

(Like scam artists attempting to gather your personal or financial information from fake internet pages or e-mails that look 'official,' there are others more 'old school' in using the telephone for a similar purpose.)

My Warning: I have received several inquires like this recently from applicants who received a call from someone purporting to be from the Contractors Board (it turns out he was not). Unless the Board needs a simple clarification on your application, the CSLB will correspond with applicants in writing regarding exam dates, etc. CSLB employees will not call to tell you your application has been accepted or fingerprint information has been sent, nor will they ever attempt to sell you anything or ask for a credit card. Be cautious if you get a call of this nature and ask point blank if the person works for the state of California!