Justin Bishop

April 19, 2019
Bishop Bros.

Justin’s great-grandfather, William, founded Bishop Bros. in 1936. Justin started working for the company in 2000, and will be the fourth-generation Bishop to lead it. He has strong connections to the community.

“Our focus in Central Illinois is primarily schools, hospitals, and libraries in our community. At any given time, I can be leading a half dozen projects with direct impact our community and its residents.”

Education: Associate’s degree, Parkland College.

Professional accomplishments: I led the development of one of the largest projects (by dollar) that Bishop Bros has ever undertaken: a new Associated Bank Building. Although I am familiar with following code, this project was highly technical in nature.

Fun fact: My parents instilled a love of Disney in our family. My wife and I visit the parks annually with our children.

Extracurricular: Volunteer with Dax Foundation, started by a close family friend who lost a son to cancer, helping with a local festival and several other events throughout the year that raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.