JRB PowerLatch Multi-Pin-Grabber Coupler

Walt Moore | April 27, 2011
JRB PowerLatch Multi-Pin-Grabber Coupler

The new JRB PowerLatch multi-pin-grabber coupler from the Paladin Construction Group is designed by Miller UK Limited for excavators and loader backhoes. According to Paladin, the new coupler is among the safest of its type available, employing several advanced safety features, including a patented Automatic Blocking System (ABS). If the rear bucket pin is not correctly engaged, or missed during the attachment process, the ABS automatically secures the front attachment pin. Attachments can only be removed under operator control when they are in a safe, curled position, preventing accidental release of the attachment. Flashing LED warning lights and an audible “stand clear” message alert bystanders when attachments are being switched.