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John Rashleigh
BL Harbert International

Rashleigh (right) started at BLHI following high school graduation as a helper/laborer. He moved into the equipment division as a mechanic and now is responsible for the performance and maintenance of more than 1,200 pieces of equipment with a replacement value of $45 million.

“John excels at dealing with people,” says assistant equipment manager Debbie Hulsey. “He is always looking out for others and he treats all people with respect.”

Certifications: Mobile crane inspector, Managing Mobile Crane Safety Certified, Caterpillar Electronic Technician Certified.

Professional accomplishments: Troubleshooting on a global scale, utilizing various forms of technology, often communicating with people of varying cultures and languages and with differing degrees of expertise and knowledge. Advanced from Helper to Mechanic to Master Mechanic to Equipment Supervisor in nine years.

Off the clock: I love classic and muscle cars. My twin brother and I have been drag racing since we were eight years old.

Extracurricular: When my brother and I were two months old, our father became quadriplegic. Car restoration became something we could do together. Currently, my brother and I are restoring a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, the model of car my father drove in high school (photo).

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