John Deere Updates JDLink



Deere's new JDLink platform.

John Deere is adding new capabilities to its JDLink platform, including notifications and adjustments to JDLink Mobile. According to the company, these updates will assist in further driving machine insights and providing a reliable telematics solution. 

Updates to the notification center include email alerts. A notification can be set up to alert fleet managers when a machine diagnostic trouble code occurs, or when there is an upcoming scheduled maintenance interval. Managers also now have the ability to ignore DTCs that they no longer wish to be notified about. 

Contractors can also now use the app to review information such as machine hours of operation, alerts, equipment location, and to get directions to a machine. A recent addition to the program, Machine Analyzer, allows fleet managers to view and compare equipment utilization across their fleet, and to see which machines are idling and which are working.

Source: John Deere