John Deere Tier 4-Final Utility Wheel Loaders

March 11, 2014

Three models in the company’s utility wheel loader line now meet Tier 4-Final emissions standards. The engine update also allowed John Deere to offer several enhancements to the 624K, 644K, and 724K (the 644K Hybrid remains Tier 4-Interim). The models weigh the same as their Interim Tier 4 predecessors with no increase in machine dimensions or decrease in visibility, Deere says. Axle improvements include standard axle cooling and filtration, along with brake retractors and adjustors on the Teammate V axles. Standard axle cooling and filtration keeps axle oil and its components cooler in hard breaking and significant load-and-carry applications. For added protection, axle oil is filtered by continuously cleaning wear particle and debris out of the oil. Finally, brake reactors and automatic self-adjustors were added to eliminate brake drag and to maintain a constant brake running clearance with better compliance and less heat.