John Deere RS72 Extreme Duty Brush Cutter for E and D Series SSLs, CTLs

March 22, 2016

The Extreme Duty Brush Cutter (RS72) is optimized to work with select John Deere E and D Series skid steers, CTLs, and most competitive models.

A retractable forward shield will move up and away from the tree (larger than 4 inches in diameter) to expose the entire cutting edge, protecting the operator from flying debris. Other features and capabilities of the unit include: the ability to cut heavy brush and trees up to 7 inches in diameter; 4 double beveled-edge blades and optional stump-grinding teeth for stump removal and material cutting; a mower deck that funnels brush and trees to the corners of the mower; and a smooth deck without deep pockets, so accumulated debris is removed or washed away.

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