John Deere Grading-Heel Buckets for Small-Frame G Series Skids, CTL

October 20, 2016
Deere grading-heel buckets are suitable for final grading applications

Grading-heel buckets are suitable for final grading applications and are designed for the small-frame G Series skid steers (312GR, 314G, 316GR, 318G) and CTL (317G).

They are similar in style and dimensions as standard dirt buckets, but feature a squared-off heel for back-dragging applications. The bottoms of the buckets are smooth, with no lifts or edges, which allow the bucket to create a flat surface. These features make the grading-heel bucket an option for a variety of jobs, including land shaping, dirt leveling, and installation of new landscape for sodding, irrigation, and drainage. The grading-heel buckets are available in two sizes, 60 inch and 66 inch, for use with most compact models in the G Series lineup.

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