John Deere G-Series Motor Graders

March 25, 2011

G-Series motor graders have been upgraded with a Tier 4-Interim engine and allow buyers to choose between console- or armrest-mounted fingertip controls. Twelve models will be in the series, ranging from 195 to 283 horsepower. Six units have six-wheel drive. DPF cleaning occurs during normal operating, without action by the operator. Engine-stall prevention system senses when the engine is going to stall, then automatically shifts the transmission to neutral. Grader comes with a steering wheel, and user can use either lever steering or the wheel. Grade Pro package has armrest-mounted fingertip controls with allow operators to engage return-to-straight, bringing the rear frame back to center. Exclusive cross slope control allows operators to select a desired slope and maintain it with just one blade lift lever. All G-Series Grade Pro units can accept Trimble or Topcon grade-control systems.