John Deere D-Series skid steer

September 28, 2010

Including six more inches of operator headroom, John Deere's new D-Series vertical-lift skid steers and compact track loaders feature 24 percent additional cab space. With net peak horsepower ranging from 58 to 89 horsepower, the five new skid steers introduced at the ICUEE trade show are the 318D, 320D, 326D, 328D and 332D, joining John Deere's existing small-frame, radial-lift 313 and 315 models. For the CTL line, the new 319D, 323D, 329D and 333D models, also ranging 59 to 89 net horsepower, join the small-frame, radial-lift CT315. First introduced on Deere four-wheel-drive wheel loaders, the V-Plenum cooling system found on the new D-Series compacts positions the coolers side by side, allowing them to be larger and taller.