John Deere 90-inch Light Material High-Capacity Bucket Has Heaped Capacity of 54 Cubic Feet

June 8, 2017
John Deere 90-inch LM90 Bucket is a new Worksite Pro attachment

A 90-inch Light Material High-Capacity Bucket (LM90) has joined the lineup of Worksite Pro attachments.

It features a high back for to help cut through piles of snow, mulch, or other light materials. The bucket has a heaped capacity of 54 cubic feet and can carry more material per load than previous John Deere offerings, the company says. The increased width and high-back design reduces spillage and an integrated step on the back of the bucket is also included to ease entry and exit from the machine. With the universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch attachment system found on all John Deere skid steers, CTLs, and compact excavators, the machine can add and remove the Light Material High-Capacity bucket in seconds.

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