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John Deere 550K, 650K, 700K, 750K Crawler Dozers


Heavy Earthmoving

Four models are added to Deere K Series of crawler dozers: 550K, 650K, 700K and 750K. John Deere PowerTech Tier 4-Interim diesels provide more horsepower than the J Series predecessors: 85 horspower in the 550K, 101 in the 650K, 125 in the 700K, and 155-165 horsepower in the 750K at 1,800 rpm. Engines maintain oil flow to machine systems to enable operation on slopes up to 45 degrees. A hydraulically driven cool-on-demand fan operates only as needed. A reversing feature is standard on the 750K and optional on the others. The 700K and 750K have the company’s exclusive V-Cool package that isolates coolers from dust and engine heat. It is positioned behind the heavy-duty grille and fan, making the coolers less vulnerable.

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