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John Deere 460E Articulated Dump Truck


Articulated Dump Trucks, Off-Highway

John Deere 460E Articulated Dump Truck

John Deere’s response to its customers asking for a safe, accurate and operator-friendly large-capacity dump hauler is the new 46-ton 460E articulated dump truck, unveiled at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011.

Due to hit the market in 2012, the 460E ADT is the largest articulated dump truck Deere has ever manufactured. Purpose-built for heavy hauling applications such as mining, the 460E has a 13.5-liter Tier 4-Interim Deere engine.

New features include an on-board weighing payload scale system that uses an external light bar to display real-time load weight data to both the ADT driver and loader operator, which eliminates guesswork during loading and saves valuable cycle time.

When linked to Deere’s JDLink telematics system, fleet managers can monitor and analyze how much material is hauled. They can also see road patterns effects and driver performance to make adjustments that can save money and time.

Deere’s 460E ADT has a newly-designed oscillation joint and balanced weight distribution to keep the vehicle stable on rough terrain. Roll-over risk is minimized with a dump body raising function that halts dumping if the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle.

For customers whose applications include considerable driving in reverse, Deere has increased the reverser travel speed on the 460E.

The 460E is made with high-strength, lightweight materials to provide excellent payload-to-weight ratios and ground level service points make daily maintenance easy. Automatic traction controls take over when ground conditions get soft and automatically control the axle differential locks and inter-axle differential lock. Operators can still choose to manually engage the tractions controls.

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