John Deere 344L Compact Wheel Loader

January 24, 2018
John Deere 344L wheel loader features a Tier 4-F engine and auto-shift transmission

The 344L compact wheel loader features a Tier 4-F engine, auto-shift transmission with proprietary shift logic designed for smooth gear changes and optimum material retention, pivot and rear-oscillation to enhance ride quality, and the company’s Articulation Plus steering system, which combines articulated-frame steering with rear-wheel steering. Articulation Plus, says the company, provides a tighter turning radius, improved stability, and additional lift capacity (full-turn tip load is 12,650 pounds).

In addition, newly designed loader arms and coupler are engineered to provide enhanced parallel lift, as well as increased visibility when using forks. A new cab design features an air-ride seat and increased glass area to enhance visibility to the bucket and attachments, and space in the cab is expanded by placing the climate-control system outside the operator’s station. Rimpull control extends tire life, says the company, by allowing the operator to adjust wheel torque to job-site conditions. Engine layout and the cooling package are designed to provide increased airflow and to decrease possible debris intake. The reversing fan assists in keeping coolers clean in high-airborne-debris areas.

The JDLink telematics system is designed to provide real-time data, health prognostics, and suggested maintenance solutions. Remote diagnostics allow e a dealer to read codes, record performance data, and update software.