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John Deere 210L Tractor Loaders


Wheel Tractors

John Deere 210L Tractor Loaders

The 210L and 210L EP tractor loaders meet Tier 4-Final standards with 93-horsepower PowerTech Plus and 70-horsepower PowerTech E engines, respectively. Each is coupled with a four-speed PowerShift transmission with no-clutch shifting.

Tractors come with canopy with the option of a four-season air-conditioned/heated cab. Cab updates include a larger right-hand armrest and increased seat rotation up to 70 degrees. A premium LED package includes two front spotlights, two rear and two side floodlights.

A new hitch design makes it easier to position the box blade over the pile for added versatility and productivity, Deere says. Optional dual-tilt rear hydraulic cylinders provide greater three-point side-to-side hitch control of rear attachments, and both tractors can also be outfitted with a quick-coupler to accept numerous attachments.

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